Professional LED Retinoscope

40,000.00 35,000.00



We Appreciate Vintage Technology…but not in OUR devices.

BCS Technology

Easiest and most accurate refraction from the BRIGHTEST illumination, increased CONTRAST, and SHARPNESS in your hands.

Longest Battery Life

Practice makes perfect and our LED technology will increase your on time up to 300% as compared to non-LED technology.

Double Neutralization Check

The Professional Combi is the only Retinoscope which combines the ability to switch from Spot to Streak with the facility to double check neutralization in both modes.

Easy Access Control

The Professional Combi uses rare earth magnet technology to provide optical precision refraction. A single control is used for rotation, convergence, and divergence. A choice of apertures to optimise brightness or resolution of the retinal reflex in 4mm or 1.7mm. The Professional Combi comes with easily interchangeable soft brow rest for spectacle wearers.

Light Output

With either LED or Xenon bulb at least 600 lux of brilliant illumination, the Professional CombiRetinoscope guarantees you more than enough light to refract even the most difficult eyes.

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